Overnight Remedies For Your Acne

Acne is an eruptive skin disease, usually caused by hormonal imbalances or excessive heat inside the body. This skin disease is the primary
problem of most teenagers, as it can be really discouraging to have many of them on your face.

Most of the time pimples appear on the face, neck and back, but sometimes they can also appear on the legs and even on your scalp. For conscious
women, this skin disease can be a nightmare and can really make them feel bogged down. This article will teach you how to get rid of this facial
problem overnight.

The most common form of pimple is the acne vulgaris, this type is common during puberty stage or adolescence, but may also occur in adults.
Other forms of pimples are conglocata, a severe form of pimple and choracene, caused by chlorinated compounds. Acne rosacea is anotehr common
type of pimple and can really damage the skin as it occurs in the capillaries in the cheeks, forehead and even nose and is swollen with blood and
affects the oil glands in the skin.

Hormonal change is the primary cause of this skin disease. Outbreaks are impossible to prevent, but they can be controlled through good diet
and hygiene. Severe cases can be treated using antibiotics, vitamin A derivatives and benzoyl peroxide. Though this skin disease is usually
common for teenagers, adults can also have this. Adults may also take the same medication as the teenagers do. However, severe cases in adults
can be a sign for deeper endocrine gland problems.

If you are enduring pimples and your facial products can’t seem to give you faster results. Why don’t you try these alternative remedies for
your acne problems, here are some of remedies for your dilemma.

Believe it or not, toothpaste is a good remedy for many skin problems. You can actually use it when you get scorched while cooking, it can
give you a good cool feeling in the burnt spot and minimize the damage in your skin. In the case of acne problems, you can use this to minimize
the size of your pimple. Apply toothpaste on the surface of the affected area and let it there for 20 minutes. Then remove the paste thoroughly
by washing your face. Then pat dry your face with a clean towel.

Second step, apply alcohol on the affected spots. For this, you have to take the Q-tip and dip it into the alcohol, and then apply it on the
affected area. After these things you can now sleep.  The pimple will be minimized, if not vanished entirely by the morning. Just do not
sleep on the pimple side of your face.

Another alternative remedy for your pimple is the ice-pack. You may use concealers to hide your facial skin problem, but you know for yourself
it does not deny its existence. For this, the best thing you can do is to minimize the swelling. The cold temperature of the ice-pack will
minimize the size of your pimple, but it may take two days or application before you can see results.

What Are the Possible Effective Weight Loss Techniques?

Most of us are yearning to lose weight not only to have that attractive body appearance but to be able to shift to healthier lifestyle.
However, losing weight is not an easy task nowadays.

You may be able to find a lot of weight loss techniques out there but most of them seems to be not working at all and is somehow less effective.
The big question is what could be the best options to look into to make such weight loss techniques work for you?

Many would engage in a crash diet but this will not work at al. You can probably lose much weight but you will be craving for more food which
will eventually lead to hunger and sooner or later make this dieting technique not work for you. If you would like to concentrate in dieting and
you want this to work out for you, it is still essential that you take in a balanced diet. You can lessen intake of carbohydrates but not too
much that you deprive yourself from taking it into your system making you want to crave for more.

Now, of course if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and be able to lose weight successfully, you will have t keep up with a daily routine
on those effective weight loss exercises. You have to abide with this on a regular basis for better results. However, if you do this more often,
make sure that you perform exercises to the extent that you don’t stress or give too much pressure to yourself. Remember that your body needs
rest and you will have to give enough rest to the body as needed.

It doesn’t mean that when you are doing this, you will see that much results quickly. It takes time for your body to get used to the whole
diet and exercise thing. To make sure that you don’t frustrate yourself, you should set up goals that are possible to achieve. You can lose
weight gradually and maintain the ideal weight for your body. With the right attitude and balancing of your daily activities, you will not only
be able to lose weight but be able to live a longer and healthier life.
Reduce your own meals spending budget while reducing calorie consumption? It can easily work. Even if points are usually beginning to appear, it
is nevertheless essential to conserve money where ever you might. Socking funds aside in a stormy day account may assist you get via difficult
occasion should they come back.

One particular of the most pricey products in a person’s spending budget is actually food expenses, therefore reducing back again on your own
foods expenses is actually a good superb method to discover that additional funds to set in to financial savings. The following tend to be a few
of my personal best suggestions with regard to preserving money whenever acquiring nutritious meals:
Purchase in Volume
Purchasing in volume can easily help save you a great deal of cash on numerous of the things you utilize on a day-to-day basis. One of the
greatest methods to consider benefit associated with mass purchasing is actually to buy huge amounts of whole grains, like as dark brown grain or
even pinto beans. These kinds of meals may end up being added to your own preferred dishes, in order to make all of them heartier or even stretch
out servings, for merely cents a serving.

Allergies – What is the Main Cause of Allergies?

At the present time, many people are not aware that they have a certain allergy. However, if they notice that they have this chronic medical condition, they have a difficulty in identifying what is the main cause of allergies.

There are a lot of allergies that can be very dangerous to one’s health. Most of the time, the signs and symptoms of allergy are rashes, difficulty of breathing and itching. However, the cause of allergy is still unknown until now because it is very difficult to detect when and how allergies occur. When you are hypertensive to a certain food or particle, there will certainly be an inflammatory response that will happen in the body.

If you really want to know what is the main cause of your allergy, you should consult your physician so that they will be the one to detect your allergies. The initial intervention if a person is having an allergic reaction is to use a nebulizer. You should provide the person with enough air so that you can effectively treat the symptoms that occurred.

Even if you are healthy, you still have some certain health problems that will occur as time pass by. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who do not comply with the medication that was given to them that is why they have a higher risk of frequently having allergic reactions. It is not easy to detect and recognize what is the main cause of allergies due to the fact that an allergy suddenly occurs without you expecting it to happen.

What is the cause of allergy and how to determine its cause?

Many people may experience a sudden allergy attack but they are not aware of what is the cause of allergy and how to determine its cause. Due to this, they cannot find the appropriate treatment for relief. It can be very difficult to determine how an allergy arises because there are some allergies that suddenly appear, even if you do not have an allergy in the past. Allergies may occur because of dust particles and the foods consumed. This is why you really need to be conscious of what you are doing and what you are eating.

Most of the time, you will only recognize that you are having an allergy reaction if you observe that you are having rashes, a difficulty in breathing and itching problems. These are the most common signs and symptoms that will appear. However, the only way that you can resolve this, especially if you do not know where your allergy is coming from is to treat the signs and symptoms. You cannot have an appropriate treatment if you still do not know where your allergies came from.

Some people who have severe allergies can no longer cope with the situation if they are not taking medications which the physician has prescribed to them. If you really want to know what is the cause of allergy and how to determine its cause, it would be better if you will consult your physician so that they can give you the proper treatment and intervention that will help you in case an allergy suddenly appears.

Surviving nickel allergies: a beginner’s guide

What may have started as a small innocuous rash might be something as simple as a nickel allergy. Not quite so simple for the many millions of sufferers who are unable to wear whatever clothes or jewelry they want… However, modern medicine and textile advancements have meant that just about anyone with a nickel allergy can live a problem free life.

This article will explore the basics that you need to know to live a normal life, despite your nickel allergy.

What causes nickel allergy?

For Mary, a carefree 23-year-old student, the problem started with a simple belly button piercing. According to her dermatologist, the act of piercing the skin and inserting a less than pure belly button ring into her skin meant that the nickel was in constant contact, eventually resulting in the heinous rash that she developed every time anything containing even the smallest traces of nickel touched her skin.

Nickel allergies are one of the most common allergies, with many millions of sufferers breaking out in a rash or contact dermatitis every time they come into contact with the offending item. For some, it’s bad enough to warrant cutting any potential nickel containing foods completely out of their diets!

Living with nickel allergies:

For most sufferers, the initial outbreak is enough to prompt medical attention. Cortisone creams and pills are often the first port of call for a doctor trying to clear a patch of contact dermatitis. While the cortisone preparations are effective, they also thin the skin so you need to be vigilant about being put on the shortest possible course of this powerful medication.

When it comes to living with a nickel allergy, your most powerful tool is undoubtedly arming yourself with all the knowledge you can find about nickel. For Mary, it was a combination between plenty of research and a sharp eye that led her to free herself from her almost debilitating nickel allergies. After removing her piercing and a few items in her wardrobe that contained nickel, she has remained symptom free for years now…

You don’t need to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle, you just need to learn about all the places that nickel could be lurking, and learn how to live without them!


How to Treat Asthma and What to Look Out For

There are so many reasons why people get asthma. And since it has to do more with your lungs and breathing problems, it would be essential for
you to focus on making your lungs stronger to treat your asthma effectively.

Some would actually take advantage of the products available in the market to relieve symptoms of possible asthma attacks. Some would opt to take
advantage of the natural remedies that will most likely have fewer side effects.

If you opt to make use natural remedies, there are a few things that you may look into. Most of these natural remedies do not have harsh side
effects unlike those synthetic medications. This is why people who find asthma that much aggravating try to look for other remedies which would
allow them to relive themselves without having to deal with the side effects. The first natural remedy is to avoid getting close those things
that causes asthma or triggers asthma. If you have gone through your doctor, you already know what this is all about.

You can start with purifying the air that you breathe, starting from your premises. Make use of air filters and those that can eliminate those
harmful allergens that may cause the aggravation of your asthma issues. Now, if it’s essential for you to wear masks that can protect you from
possible exposure to allergens such as dust or even pollens, then do so. It is essential that you know how to avoid elements that can aggravate
your situation to prevent asthma attacks in the future.

To strengthen your lungs is one of the main things that you should start engaging yourself with to alleviate this type of health problem.
Breathing exercises can help your lungs and will as well strengthen it to prevent attacks. In doing this, you can assure yourself that you are
free from experiencing side effects and this activity with be one safe treatment for your lungs.

Emergency Treatment – What to do during asthma attack

An asthma attack is serious. People do die from them, particularly older people. Asthma attacks can be mild, moderate or severe and managing a
severe attack is a job for a doctor. A severe attack should always be treated in hospital, most people who die from asthma do so outside
hospital. It is vital to recognize the danger signs and to know how to react, when to call for help and what to do until help arrives.

Early warning signs

Warnings signs vary from person to person and you should never ignore them, particularly if you have a history of acute attacks. It is
important to remember that sometimes you can have an attack with little or no warning. It can be difficult not to panic during an asthma attack,
but you will helo yourself by remaining calm. Sit upright with your head slightly forward, loosen clothing around your neck and try to take deep

What to do during an acute attack

– take 4-5 puffs of reliever medication
– Try to remain calm. This is easy to say and difficult to do, but over breathing brought on by panic can make things worse
– Sit upright, leaning slightly forward, and place your hands on your knees to support your chest. Do not lie down.
– Take slow, deep breaths
– Loosen clothing around the neck
– Try to drink warm water, rapid breathing will make your mouth dry
– Consider whether you need to see a doctor.

Multiple Myeloma An Overview Of Its Risks And Treatments

Multiple Myeloma is a type of cancer that primarily affects the bone marrow in the bones of the body. This form of cancer can manifest
physically through abnormal growth of plasma cells.

The abnormal production of such cells reduces the production of other cells along the affected area like red blood cells, white blood cells and
platelets, causing major health risks and problems.

Aside from the reduced or even stopped cell production along the cell lines, abnormally produced plasma cells can cause erosion along the bone
lines, leading to the weakening of the bones. Weak bones are susceptible to diseases and are quite fragile, making it easy to get fractured.

Myeloma’s complications are not exclusive in bone and bone marrow problems. The abnormally produced plasma cells will produce more of its
type, replacing antibodies with protein called “m protein,” a type of protein that can damage the tissues and organs because of its

Because of the circulatory of the bone marrow all throughout the body, the abnormal plasma cells can be distributed throughout the body,
causing further damage to organ in circulatory system like kidneys and heart.

Multiple myeloma on the other hand, is when plasma cells simultaneously appear in several areas of the body. Multiple myeloma happens when
there is a high concentration of one kind of antibody in a person’s system forms a malignant tumor.

Multiple myeloma has more serious health complication than simple myeloma. Patients with this condition can be very susceptible to infections
and diseases because of poor immune system. A person with this condition can easily get fatigued and stressed even when doing simple everyday
routines. Like myeloma, this condition also manifest in the circulatory system, leading further damage on the organs like the kidney, making
internal bleeding tendencies. Because plasma cells multiplies drastically in a short period of time, it can get through the blood stream and make
the blood increase its viscosity, making a poor blood circulation.

Myeloma remission

Myeloma, like most types of cancer, has no exact and permanent treatment yet. It can not be cured by any means. The only way to control the
complications of such type of cancer is through remission. Remission is a medical process where the symptoms and risks of the disease is being
slowed down, or temporarily reducing or erasing the major complications.

Abnormal levels of plasma cells, red blood cells and white blood cells may not show much of its symptoms in early stage. When it starts to
show symptoms of the disease, the cancer may be in chronic stage. Thus it is very important to have your blood and urine sample evaluated at
least once a year.

Medication for this disease can differ from patient to patient, severity of the condition and evaluation of the doctor and sometimes,
patient’s choice. However, the standard treatment for most conditions of this disease is long term therapy and treatment session, which may cost
a lot of money from your pocket. These treatments are chemotherapy, corticosteroids, radiotherapy and stem transplant.

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for most type of cancer, but it can have harsh side-effects and can be life-threatening if the
patient is weak and could not withstand the pain of the therapy.

Aside from these treatments, the patient should also watch him or herself and prevent infections and fractures.

Best Medicine For Stuffy Nose Available In Most Drug Stores

Rhinitis or also known for lay man’s term as runny nose, refers to the nose’s excessive production of discharge or nasal fluids. The production of this discharge is our body’s way of getting rid of the irritant and some toxic substance through our nasal cavity by the way of nasal fluids. However, we all know that this excessive production of mucus discharge is annoying and causes a lot of inconvenience. Because of which, most of us prefer to take decongestants, but is that really the best medicine for stuffy nose?

Runny nose can result from so many factors; it could be caused by exposure to an allergic in the environment (allergic rhinitis) such as dust mites, pollen, animal dander, hay fever, etc. It could also be a symptom for common cold. Whatever caused this condition, it is sure annoying to have. What is more irritating is that, it could last for a week.

Runny nose caused by allergy usually lasts more than days, even weeks, depending on individual’s reaction to the allergen. Aside from allergens and common-cold, a person can also experience runny nose by acquiring bacterial and viral infections such as sinusitis and influenza virus. Sudden change in temperature, strong fumes and weather condition can also lead to a stuffy nose; this condition is called vasomotor rhinitis.

Best medicine for stuffy nose

Most of the time, runny nose doesn’t really need to be treated, as water therapy and rest can usually do the healing. However, there are times when you can’t afford to feel weak and sick, because you have to go to school or work. And for times when excess mucus production results to breathing problems, your best bet is to take medicines to alleviate the condition.

Nasal Decongestants

Nasal decongestant is the most common medicine available in the open market to relieve symptoms of runny nose. Both nasal sprays and oral decongestants are considered by many as best medicine for stuffy nose. However, nasal sprays should be taken at the bare minimum, as excessive intake of nasal decongestant sprays actually causes an increase of stiffness in the nasal area, causing the problem to get worse instead of relieving. Examples of decongestants are naphazoline, oxymetazoline, phenylephrine, xylometazoline.

Antihistamine Medications

For runny nose caused by allergic reaction, the best medicine for stuffy nose is in the form of antihistamine. Histamine is another term for the substance released by the body from allergic reactions, and this medication can inhibit the body’s secretion of it. Antihistamines are in the form of diphenhydramine or loratadine. Drowsiness is the usual side-effect of this drug, but there are non-drowse types available nowadays.


Steroids have anti-inflammatory properties, and nasal steroid is one of the best medicines for stuffy nose available. This is drug is used for long term relief. However, long term use of this can cause harsh side-effects like nasal crusts caused by nasal bleeding, cataracts, bone thinning and increase vulnerability from other infections.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – facts and myths

Most children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD have learning problems, this is obviously because of their lack of ability
to pay attention, follow instructions and complete given tasks.

In addition, those kids with this condition, especially boys are known to be disruptive, making them unpopular with their colleagues. Most people
in the society criticize kids with this condition, teachers and other parents who don’t understand ADHD correct kids with this condition because
they believe their actions and behavior were intentional. It is the combination of negative feedback, poor academic performance, social
criticisms and un-acceptance that makes kids with this behavioral condition to have a very low self-esteem and develop emotional problems.

Although no one knows exactly the cause of this condition, it is always good to discuss the characteristics of this disorder to help parents
and people to understand the situation of kids with this disorder and help them cope with it. This article will separate myths from facts about

Contrary to its meaning, ADHD is not a real Disorder
Professionals still debate about this condition, the American Psychiatric Society categorized this condition as a medical disorder. However the
National Institutes of Health and Department of Education recognizes this condition as a legitimate disorder. The truth is, ADHD is biologically
based. Study shows that this condition results from imbalances of neurotransmitters in the brain of the patient. The usual symptoms of this
condition are hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Hyperactivity can cause a great difficulty when it comes to aspects of daily life, such as usual
everyday things like time management and organizational skills.

Kids with ADHD have an unfair advantage in school
Of course those kids with this condition need extra time and effort in the part of their teacher in order for them to learn and digest the
lessons in every day of class. The IDEA or Federal Individuals with Disability Educations Act requires teachers, particularly public school
teachers, to give students with disabilities, including those with ADHD condition, to have extra time on tests, special teacher accommodation,
and extra help to level their playing field for them to learn academically and socially as their normal classmates.

Kids with this condition can outgrow with it
Research says that 30% to 70% of kids with this condition can bring the behavior with them even when they reach adolescence and adulthood.
Symptoms of this condition, especially hyperactivity and impulsivity, usually lessen during puberty years. However, this does not mean that the
symptoms are completely gone and will never come back. National Institute of Mental Health said that criteria for the condition will still
persist until adulthood.

Kids with this condition are stupid
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Benjamin Franklin, Salvador Dali, Abraham Lincoln are believed to have ADHD conditions, and we all know they are not
stupid. Though the facts that can prove that those individuals with this disorder are relatively smarter than average students or person are not
yet defined. Many individuals with this condition throughout history are known to be geniuses and overachievers. However, there are still no
evidences that can bind the link between the disorder and their Intellectual Quotient (IQ). The relationship between the condition and high level
of IQ is still on the process of research and debate.


It is important to know what is pregnancy and how to cope with it because you should keep in mind that the life of the mother and the fetus inside might be at risk if exposed to some threatening situations.

This is a condition wherein the mother is carrying with her a fertilized egg cell.

It is very difficult to give birth because you will have to bring with you a fetus for nine months.

As time pass by, the womb of the mother will get bigger because the fetus inside is growing.

Perhaps, this is one of the most difficult and painful stages of her life, but after she has given birth, all the trials and difficulties will be changed into happiness and satisfaction.

Pregnancy changes the hormonal pattern of the woman, thus the first sign of it is missed menstrual period.

Missed menstrual period is what most women look for when they suspect to be pregnant, other symptoms are manifest physically like breast swelling and tenderness, weight gain and frequent urination.

Some signs really affect the woman’s emotions and mood like nausea, sensitivity to smells and mood swings.

This is the time when they start to use pregnancy test kits.

Recognizing what is pregnancy and how to keep your body safe is very important for the growth and development of the fetus inside your body.

You should not only think of your safety but the safety of the newborn as well.

The question what is pregnancy and how to cope with it is very easy to understand because majority of the women who are getting pregnant will need support and assistance from the people whom they trust and love.

Relaxation And Arthritis Treatment

Relaxation therapy does not yield its full benefit in a day or even a week. However, once you have practiced relaxation techniques systematically for several weeks, you may well gain a considerable degree of pain relief and improved mobility.

Holding stress and tension in the body for a long time sets up many adverse physical reactions in the system. You will feel considerably drained of energy, for instance, muscle tension is increased, your blood pressure is likely to be raised and the circulation is hampered.

Relaxation techniques that work to calm the nervous system and release muscle tension are an excellent way of coping with the pain of arthritis without taking more painkillers. The ability to relax will also help all the other body systems to normalize.

Learn to breathe

Tensing up against contact pain promotes poor posture and disturbs digestion, but above all it can load to hyperventilation, a type of shallow breathing rather like panting that eventually disturbs the chemical composition of every cell in the body, and puts the system into perpetual panic mode.

It is impossible to relax unless you are breathing deeply and slowly. For many people who have become used to being in contact pain, this takes a  good deal of practice to achieve.

Breathing Exercise

Try this method of building relaxed breathing into your life. First of all make yourself as comfortable as possible, and try to ensure that your weight is evenly distributed on both sides of your body. The more symmetry you can attain, the easier relaxed breathing will become. Turn off any main lights and make sure that your immediate environment is as quiet and serene as you can make it.

Now close your eyes and pay conscious attention to your breathing. Allow each breath to become longer, slower and deeper. Breathe deeply into the abdomen, pushing your stomach out as you breathe and letting it sink back down again as you breathe out.

With each inhalation, repeat to yourself, deep and log and slow and with each exhalation, repeat slow and long and deep. You may find your mind wandering, but every time it does, bring it back to your breathing again.

As the lungs continue to breathe deeper, longer and slower, become aware of how the whole of your body begins to breathe deeper, longer and slower as well. As you inhale, imagine pure energy flooding in. As you exhale, imagine the pain flooding out.

To end the relaxation, move your hand gently, open your eyes, sit up and lastly, stand up very carefully. Try to practice this relaxed breathing for five minutes at first, gradually building up the time as you get used to it.

1. Sit in a position that is comfortable. Some people are happy sitting cross legged, other prefer sitting back on their heels. Alternatively you can sit in a chair, preferably one with an upright back, or lie on a mat on the floor.

2. Place your right hand on your abdomen just below your ribcage and your left hand in the center of your upper chest. When you are breathing abdominally, your lower hand should move in and out and your upper hand should be motionless.

3. Rest your hands in your lap with thumbs lightly touching. Count to 10 as you breathe in through your noses, hold the breath for a few seconds and slowly exhale. Repeat this 10 times. If any distractions slip into your mind, let them float in and float out again.


Arthritis And Shiatsu Complementary Treatments

The Japanese word shiatsu literally means finger pressure. However, the shiatsu practitioner uses not only fingers, but also hands, thumbs, elbows and even knees or feet to achieve the desired depth and strength of massage.

This system of fingertip massage bears some similarities to acupressure; both are based on pressure points along meridian lines associated with the function of the vital organs. Like acupressure, shiatsu is designed to stimulate the body’s own energy levels; however, instead of using the stimulation of energy to relieve pain, shiatsu places the emphasis on freeing or unblocking the energy channels to promote overall health. In other words, it lays emphasis on the prevention of disease rather than on treating specific symptoms.

In Japan, shiatsu is considered to be an effective means of early diagnosis as well as a means of disease prevention. Many people attend regular shiatsu treatments, as often as once a week. Shiatsu is believed to benefit the body, mind, emotions and spirit, all at the same time. Its particular strengths lie in stimulating the body’s immune system, which is invaluable in the treatment of arthritis and a variety of other disorders that have pain as a common feature.

The depth and strength of massage practiced in shiatsu has the effect of improving the circulation and flow of lymphatic fluid, working on the nervous system, helping to release toxins and deep seated tension from the muscles and stimulating the hormone system.

Shiatsu techniques have been known in Japan for many hundreds of years, but became popular in the West much more recently. Shiatsu was introduced to the United Kingdom in the late 1970s, and the Shiatsu society was formed in 1981.

The Shiatsu Consultation

The first Shiatsu session usually begins with the practitioner taking a detailed medical and life history from you. Shiatsu affects all levels of your being, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Treatment is attuned to your personal health and character. Your practitioner is likely to ask about your diet and some queries about your current lifestyle, he or she may advise you on how to alter your regimes with a view to improving your condition.

As in acupuncture, the therapist will take your pulses, of which there are six at each wrist, each associated with a vital organ of the body. Taking the pulses helps the practitioner to diagnose and treat many different conditions.

The treatment, not unlike a massage, involves pressure being applied in many different ways, and a series of different movements may be executed over a part of the body, rather than over one particular pressure point. Sometimes the pad of the thumb is used, sometimes the fingers, sometimes the palm or the heel of the hand. The practitioner may also use the elbow or perhaps a forearm or knee.

How hard the shiatsu practitioner applies pressure depends on many factors, including where it is to be applied, how you react and whether you require a stimulating or a sedating effect. Pressure is usually applied for a few seconds at a time, sometimes longer, and may be repeated several times at each spot. A session lasts for about an hour.

The shiatsu session is usually carried out on the floor, but if it is not possible for you to have the treatment in this position, your practitioner will still be able to treat you.

The shiatsu society of Great Britain offer the following guidelines before you attend a consultation:

Take a light meal at least one hour before your session. It is best not to eat heavy meals or drink alcohol on the day of your treatmentDo not take a long hot bath on the day of treatmentFor the treatment itself, wear loose clothing, preferably cotton, such as a tracksuit or jogging suitHave with you details of your current medical diagnosis and a record of any medication you may be takingInform your practitioner in advance if you are pregnant or if you have recently undergone any major procedure such as surgery or radiotherapy

At home after treatment

After a shiatsu treatment, you will probably feel invigorated yet relaxed at the same time. Do not be surprised if you feel little improvement after just one treatment, as shiatsu normally takes a number of sessions to achieve an effect.

The duration and frequency of treatment will vary from person to person and with the degree of severity your arthritis has reached. You may experience headache or mild flulike symptoms for a day or so, but these are the result of the body’s efforts to eliminate toxins and should be regarded as a positive sign.

Shiatsu initially developed as a home treatment, and the techniques have been handed down from one generation to the next. It is possible, therefore, to learn how to apply finger pressure yourself and to do some of the techniques at home.

Arthritis sufferers may also benefit from a related technique, known as do-in, which translated literally means self stimulation. This is a form of self acupressure massage of muscles and points that also includes movement, stretching and breathing exercises.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Children’s Cold

Children’s cold is a common health problem among kids, especially if they are active and likes to run and play around all day. Nearly all children suffer this illness for at least once a year.

Studies also show that, infants are more susceptible to catch cold more than once in a year because of their weaker immune system. Children’s cold occurs more often during winter season than any time of the year. This article will talk about more about this simple symptom that may later develop into a bigger health problem.

Common causes of common cold

Common colds is just a mild infection in the respiratory system that are caused by bacteria and viruses. Though simple and easily curable, this symptom is highly contagious, it can spread from person to person very easily. The virus that causes common cold can be easily transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and or sharing personal items that contains that virus like handkerchief, utensils, etc.

Because children have weaker immune system, they are more prone to this disease than adults. They can contract this disease from any adult or member in the family and may have harsher effect on them then to older individuals.

Sometimes, a child may be exposed into more than one cold causing virus; hence, he or she will suffer from cold for more times in a single year. Thus, early symptoms of this disease should be addressed right away to avoid complications.

Common symptoms

Mucus along the line of the nose results to runny nose, sore throat and cough; these are the most common symptoms for colds. Yellow, yellowish or green colored nasal discharge is seen in children’s cold. Sometimes, a child may have a slight fever because of the condition. A high fever on the other hand, can be a sign of influenza.

There are also other symptoms aside from these like, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, earache, excess coughing, and vomiting. In this case, you need to see a doctor right away.

Cure for children’s colds may not work right away, and antibiotics are not really advised for manageable conditions. The most important thing to avoid this disease is through strengthening the immune system by taking enough vitamins.

Surviving breast cancer: a mental health checklist

If you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, chances are that your world is spinning with facts, figures and various scary stories
about medical mishaps.

With words like “chemotherapy” and “terminal illness” being used in your direction, it’s no wonder that you might be feeling a little more than
afraid of the things to come.

If you’ve been feeling as though your mental health was under threat following your breast cancer diagnosis, you’ve come to the right place.
This article will explore a few of the ways that you can ensure your own sanity in the wake of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast cancer patients: a few essentials you will need

– A group of supportive friends: While life may throw you a few curveballs during the course of your cancer treatment, you can be sure
that with a group of supportive friends you will be just fine. Rally your support structure around yourself and take advantage of any offers of
help of support when they are made. This means accepting dinner offers when you are ill, babysitting offers when needed and of course the odd cup
of tea and a shoulder to cry on should it be needed.
– Uplifting breast cancer books: Sure, your neighbor or medical professional might be all too keen to share horror stories with you, but you
need to surround yourself with positive messages and stories about cancer. Find books about alternative healing, stories about survival against
the odds and any other positive reading material you can. Surrounding yourself with positive messages has a huge impact on your mental
– Your sense of humor: Sure, in the beginning you might not find much to laugh about but when it comes to surviving cancer; your sense of
humor is your greatest weapon. Use in conjunction with your friends and you have a recipe for good mental health, no matter what course your
cancer treatment takes.

Supporting a friend with breast cancer

Even if you aren’t the one who is suffering the impact of cancer, you probably want to lend your support in any way possible. This can be a
bit easier said than done though, as you never really know exactly what kind of support your friend needs. As someone who has seen the
devastating effects of breast cancer first hand, I can tell you that even the presence of a well-meaning friend can be a huge comfort. Cancer can
separate your real friends from those fair-weather friends we all have… But when it comes to showing your support, the best thing you can do is
to be there. Go along to chemotherapy sessions, lend a hand in whatever practical ways you can think of and try to be a positive presence in
whatever way you can.

Breast cancer isn’t a death sentence anymore. Many women go on to lead cancer free lives; you just need to ensure you have a solid support
structure behind you, and every item on the breast cancer mental health checklist available to you, and you too can smile your way into