Mental Health

When you are able to communicate and interact with other people, you have a good mental health. Most of the time, emotion and depression
highly affect the health of an individual.

Perhaps, a lot of people who are experiencing a lot of problems are not able to cope well with their situations. This is one reason why people
are having suicide attempts and ending up isolated in a mental institution.

Emotion and depression are more difficult to treat compared to any diseases. When a person has a very low self esteem, there is an assurance
that his or her emotional status is also affected.

For that reason, the person will feel depressed and discouraged. It is important that the family members are willing to assist and support the
person because this is the stage where mental health is at risk.

Actually, it is better if you will not take in any kind of medication. But for some who are in a severe depression, they have no other choice
but to use an anti depressant drug.

Keep in mind that the primary reason why people are feeling emotionally unstable is that there are no longer enough communication and

The most common way for a person to cope with the situation is to encourage him or her to express what they really feel. In this way, they are
aware that you are willing to assist or help them with their problem.

If mental health is not stable, there is a greater chance that people might end up hopeless and miserable.   

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