The Nature Of Sleep Disorders

Why do we sleep? The exact reason why we sleep is yet to be discovered, no one knows for sure what really makes people sleep. However, there
are many theories that tried to explain it, but then again, they are still theories, and yet to be proven.

Sleep is very important for a human body, as it allows the body to restore the parts that had been greatly used over the day and restore some
nutrients needed for the body to function well.

That is why those people who often suffer from sleep disorders are most likely susceptible to diseases, as they have weaker immune system
because of stress and chemical imbalances. Their bodies don’t get enough time to rebuild and restore energy. Humans normally need 6 to 8 hours of
sleep at night, but the need for the length of sleep normally varies from one person to another. As we sleep, we rest and repair our worn out
muscles we had used during the day.

We also give our mind time to organize our thoughts and memories. Thus, as you may have experienced at one point in your life, we typically
feel physically weak and mentally tired when were deprived from sleep. More and more studies shows the bad effect of sleep deprivation to human
body, it decreases our ability to manual reflex, solve work, school and house problems, and give us hard time focusing on one thing.

There are many factors that affect our want and need to sleep. Thinking too much about something when going to bed can activate your attention
to that particular subject and make you lose your interest to sleep.

Also, drinking caffeinated beverages hours before going to bed can keep you wide awake, even if you are so tired and you want to sleep.
Beverages like soft drinks, coffee, and energy drinks are meant for keeping the body energized. If you want to have a good night sleep, you
better avoid drinking these drinks hours before you plan to go to your bed.

Sleep disorders also affect our sleep. A breathing related disorder is one of the most common problems of most couple all over the world.
Breathing disorders that usually occurs during sleep are actually caused by group of disorders that affects the breathing. This condition is
characterized by snoring, a harsh rattling noise produced when air is inhaled and vibrates through the soft palate. This disorder disrupts the
body’s function for normal breathing during sleep; this is the reason why most people with this disorder wouldn’t notice their condition, simply
because they were unconscious.

Breathing problems during sleep is one clue for more sleep disorders or even health problems. Some of these disorders are insomnia (sleeping
difficulty), hypersomnias (falling asleep inappropriately), and parasomnias (activities while asleep, like sleepwalking) and some movement
disorders like restless leg syndrome. But the most common sleep disorder all over the world I sleep apnea, or commonly known as snoring.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing is bothered in some periods. This is a serious disorder that should be evaluated and treated by
the professionals, as it can cut the flow of air in the body, and cause an individual health serious problems.

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