Discover More about the Pregnancy Stages – What Pregnant Mom’s Should Know

If you are pregnant, it is necessary that you are aware of what are the risks during pregnancy and when should you be extra careful when
conceiving a child.

Many will say that you should be extra careful all the time, but it will still be best if you could identify which stage will your child be more
prone to acquiring possible defects or health problems to make sure that you will be able to protect yourself and the baby as well. There is such
a critical state when it comes to pregnancy and moms should definitely be aware of it.

First Stage
The first stage is ore often called as the first trimester and this actually the stage where the pregnant mom will be adjusting the most. There
are a lot of pregnancy symptoms to consider such as hormonal changes which may lead to mood changes and other bodily conditions. This is also the
stage where the pregnant woman feels as if she’s always tired and sleepy all the time. More often they term this as morning sickness. Many people
would say that this is one of the common symptoms of a pregnant woman but sometime, it’s just a false alarm. Probably it can be just over

In the first trimester, the fetus is about to develop from the uterus of the mother where if you visit your doctor, you will be able to notice
early signs of life such as heartbeat and certain locomotive movements as well. At this point, you will have to watch what you eat and make sure
that you are on a balanced diet. This will keep your hormones at a stable state and at the same time help your own body adjust while waiting for
another life to grow in your tummy. You will be advised by your doctor to eat nutritious food as well as keep a healthy lifestyle starting from
this stage on.

Second Stage
The second Trimester will be more of the quick changes in the development of the child inside the mother’s uterus. Your womb will look bigger as
the child grows inside you. You will see changes in the appearance of your areolas and changes to your skin as well. This second stage is more
focused on the development of your child as well as preparing your body for the coming delivery.

Third Stage
The third trimester is then the stage where you have to prepare yourself and your child for bringing him or her out in this world. You may be
required to attend seminars to prepare you when it comes to delivering the child as well as breastfeeding procedures. You will be feeling a lot
of discomfort during this time such as leg cramps, back aches and frequent contractions as signs of the so called “big day” will be soon

You don’t actually have to be scared when it comes to conceiving a child. It is just a matter of getting yourself informed and ready for what
may happen next. All you need to think about is how you will be able to keep yourself healthy for the baby so the baby will as well be born

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